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Invest With An Edge

If you don’t know your edge, you don’t have one

This is What Motivates Us

We began as a group of data-obsessed investors with a common goal: optimize and systematize the investment process so our families could achieve financial freedom sooner. Along the way we met many like-minded investors who shared our vision. Today, Damris Capital has co-investors from all over the world that invest alongside us in the very systems we built over the last 15 years.

Like us, our co-investors aren't "rainy day savers."


They are serious about converting their savings into life-changing wealth.

If you think "life-changing" is too ambitious, read this carefully...

If you intend to retire at some point, by definition, you need to build life-changing wealth.

This is near impossible unless you remain Fully Invested™ (having all your capital working all the time).

Perhaps that explains why so few people are actually able to retire (on their terms).

But, being Fully Invested™ is scary without an investment methodology that can be trusted to work through any market (good or bad).

To avoid loss and emotional pain, most investors have only one go-to trick:


Sell "risky assets" and hold cash and/or low risk (low return) assets.

In our experience even the wealthiest individuals do this. After all, the more success you achieve in life, the more you have to lose.

Here's the problem, this risk cutting approach is very expensive...


If you keep 50% of your capital "safe" on the sidelines, you are forced to either:


  • Try to get the remaining 50% to generate 2x returns (which likely comes with more than 2x the risk)

  • Cut your financial goals in 1/2 (that's not motivating)

  • Wait 2x longer before starting retiring (also depressing)


This behavior silently costs investors more than fees & taxes combined!

Un-invested and under-invested "cash" balances are a multi-billion dollar performance drag annually. Over the last 30+ years, the average american investor held 23% of their portfolio in cash (see above). The closest most investors ever get to being Fully Invested is about 85%. Worse they tend to finally get to that level just as a bear market starts, which causes them to move record cash levels to the sidelines as the next bull market begins. 

Our mission is for every co-investor to be Fully Invested™

We are sure the available data understates the magnitude of this problem. When we sit down with new clients, we take a strategic view of their total net worth. The largest pockets of under-invested capital often lives outside of investment accounts in the form of savings accounts, checking accounts, CDs, Money Market Funds and low return/low risk annuities.


Now some level of cash is necessary, but often what is necessary and what feels safe are at odds.

The aha moment...

Risk can be lowered in two (very different) ways:

  1. Subtraction (shifting to cash)

  2. Addition (adding uncorrelated investments)

We understand when and how to use each approach to generate smoother return streams at any risk level.

At our core, Damris Capital specializes in Low Correlation Investments. We find investments that have a strong edge in the long run, but are fundamentally unrelated in the short run.

This approach maximizes the return generated for the risk taken with mathematical certainty. To achieve this, we hold radically diverse assets in our portfolios; from cash-flowing Mobile Home Parks to algo-powered investment models.

If you are interested in learning more about how we invest, you can contact us below to set up a 1-on-1 call with a founder or request access to our whitepapers and investment materials.

This is Why We Exist

After effectively managing our own money for over a decade, we built technology to allow friends and family to invest alongside us. After several years of additional success, we opened our investment platforms to outside investors.

Skin-In-The-Game Is What Makes Us Different (Better)

Nobody is going to care about your money more than you. If you are going to trust a professional to manage your hard-earned savings, you should demand they have skin-in-the-game. Every year new studies are published showing how under-invested professional money managers are with their own money in the products they SELL to others.


Damris Capital Founders are fully invested in their own products, and we generate most of our profits from our invested capital in our products.

We don’t make decisions with your money, we manage our money alongside your money at the same time. You can trust that we are highly incentivized to make smart long term decisions with invested capital.

Invest Alongside Us

Contact us to learn more about how we invest and the returns our models and funds have generated.

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