Invest With An Edge

If you don’t know your edge, you don’t have one
This is What Motivates Us

We are a group of data-obsessed investors who dedicated tens of thousands of hours optimizing our own investment systems and portfolios to attain Financial Freedom for our families. Our approach proactively manages downside risk to match our predetermined risk budget and achieve the best return (after taxes) for that level of risk.


Investing any other way means you are either leaving money on the table or are risking too much. Both greatly limit your long term wealth potential.

This is Why We Exist

After effectively managing our own money for nearly a decade, we built technology to allow friends and family to invest alongside us. After several years of additional success, we opened to outside investors.

Skin-In-The-Game Is What Makes Us Different (Better)

Nobody is going to care about your money more than you. If you are going to trust a professional to manage your hard-earned savings, you should demand they have skin-in-the-game. Every year new studies are published showing how under-invested professional money managers are with their own money in the products they SELL to others.


Damris Capital Founders are fully invested in their own products, and we generate most of our profits from our invested capital in our products.

We don’t make decisions with your money, we manage our money alongside your money at the same time. You can trust that we are highly incentivized to make smart long term decisions with invested capital.

Invest Alongside Us

Contact us to learn more about how we invest and the returns our models and funds have generated.

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